Unveiling the Lone Star State: Top Attractions in Texas

Updated on Jul 07, 2024 | Online US Visa

One of the largest states in the United States, Texas is known for its warm temperature, big cities and a truly unique state history.

The state is also considered one of the best in the US given its friendly environment. With the best blend of popular cities and great natural landscape scenery, your trip to the United States might feel incomplete without a visit to this one of the largest states of America.

The Alamo

An 18th century Franciscan mission in San Antonio, Texas, this place was the location of the battle between the heavily outnumbered Texans who fought for independence from the rule of the Mexican dictator Santa Anna. Remembered as the day of country heroes, the 1836 battle of Alamo was fought for major issues slavery, cotton industry, fedralism faced by the area at the time and is mostly remembered as a battle with zero survivors.

This is the place where visitors can witness the 1836 battleground in a historic Spanish mission and fortress, which speaks of the state’s history till today and is one of Texas's most popular tourist attractions.

San Antonio River Walk

Located in the city of San Antonio, the River Walk is Texas's most visited place. All through the 15 miles of city park and pedestrian street, this place is the heart of the city of San Antonio, filled with dining, shopping and amazing cultural experiences. With landscaped walkways, restaurants and boat tours, the riverwalk has numerous fun things to do around. With so many fun places to see around, San Antonio riverwalk is one top rated attraction of Texas.

Big Bend National Park

For the ultimate outdoor experience of the landscapes of Texas, this national park is one of the best places to witness the vast mountain sceneries, swaths of the Chihuahuan Desert, abundant natural resources and many more attractions by the Mexican border. A must visit attraction of the state, the national park is also the 15th largest national park in America with a cultural history of its own. Home to unending views of the arid landscapes, Big Bend National Park happens to be one of the largest protected areas for the huge Chihuahuan Desert covering parts of Mexico and southwest of the United States.

Space Center Houston

A leading science and space exploration center in Houston, this is the place where you can get a glimpse of wonderful mysteries beyond earth. The center is the official visitor place for NASA’s Johnson Space Center and has a variety of outstanding space exhibits. Reserve plenty of time to visit this one of a kind museum in Houston, highlighting decades of America’s space exploration programs. The museum’s 400 space artifacts, with many permanent and travelling exhibits, takes one through the history of space exploration, and is no doubt one of the only places to get a close sight of the iconic Apollo 17 space capsule!

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

World class coasters, family rides and animal encounters, you can find unlimited fun in this large and one of the first amusement parks of Texas. Operated by Six Flags, which is an amusement park chain with over 25 parks across all of the United States, Fiesta Texas is located in the city of San Antonio. The park’s current famed attraction is Scream, a thrilling drop tower ride which can be seen from every end of the park.

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Hueco Tanks State Historic Site

A site of sculptured rock masses formed mainly due to weathering and erosion, the rocky hills of Hueco Tanks are located in the vast wilderness of Chihuahuan Desert. Inside the rock caves early pictographs and petroglyphs can be found, revealing signs of its early settlers. Located in El Paso county, Texas, the site is an area of low lying mountains, with Franklin mountains to the west and the Hueco mountains to the east.

The mountain landscape provides world class climbing opportunities, besides being renowned for many significant archaeological evidence found in the region. The unique geology of the park makes it one of the stand out attractions in all of America.

Padre Island

Known as the world's longest barrier island, off the coast of south Texas, this place is one of the best examples of a well preserved natural environment. With numerous beaches and sites within the island, including campsites by the ocean and natural trails, this place is the perfect way to experience a whole new side of the state. Situated on the Gulf of Mexico, South Padre Island is most renowned for its scenic and white sandy beaches.

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Natural Bridge Caverns

A definitely worth watching attraction in the state, the caverns are known to be the largest such commercial caves in Texas. With tours led by nature bridge guides, it would take one through the formation of the limestone structures, unfolding many of its geological secrets.

The place derives its name from a 60 ft tall natural limestone bridge that spans the cavern’s entrance. Being at a close distance from the city of San Antonio, the cave site is one must see attraction in Texas Hill Country.

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Bullock Texas State History Museum

Bullock Museum Bullock Museum dedicated to interpreting the continually unfolding Story of Texas

Located in the state’s capital, Austin, the museum is dedicated to unfolding the story of Texas, and the state’s continuous evolution through time. The place offers year-round educational programs and events giving insight into the state’s history. With exhibits spread over three floors and interactive special effects shows, this would be a fun and the easiest possible way to get a glimpse of the state’s history. Located just by the Texas State Capitol, this history museum would be one of the must see places when on a visit to Austin, Texas.

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