Urgent Emergency Visa for USA

Updated on Jul 07, 2024 | Online US Visa

An Urgent US visa is given to foreigners who must go to the country urgently (eVisa for emergency). You can apply for an emergency US e-visa if you reside outside of the country and need to go to the US for an urgent or crisis, such as the sudden loss of a loved one, the need to appear in court for legal matters, or the fact that a loved one is ill.

ESTA US Visa is an electronic travel authorization or travel permit to visit United States for a period of time upto 90 days and visit this amazing marvel in New York, United States. International visitors must have a US ESTA to be able to visit United States many attractions. Foreign citizens can apply for an US Visa Application in a matter of minutes. ESTA US Visa process is automated, simple, and completely online.

Urgent Emergency Visa for USA

The e-visa for the United States is often issued and sent to you in 3 days if you submit a regular application. Therefore, it is advised to apply for a visa several weeks prior to the trip. You won't ever be taken off guard just as you prepare to embark on your journey using this method.

An Urgent US visa to the United States or an emergency US ESTA application takes a lot less time to prepare for than other visas like the US tourist visa, US business visa, and US medical visa. You would not be qualified for a US crisis visa if you needed to visit the US for reasons like sightseeing, seeing a friend, or attending a difficult relationship, as these are not emergencies. 

You must therefore submit applications for numerous visas. One of the features of the Emergency US e-visa application is that it can be submitted even on the weekends by individuals who need to travel to the US due to an emergency or unforeseen scenario.

Through https://www.online-usa-visa.org, an Emergency Visa for the United States can be applied for if there is an immediate and pressing need. This could be a family member passing away, a close friend or relative falling ill, or a court appearance.

 You must pay an urgent processing fee for your emergency ESTA to enter the US; this fee is not necessary for visas for tourists, business travelers, medical visitors, conference attendees, or medical staff. Using this service, you can get an emergency US visa online (eVisa for the US) in as little as 24 hours and as much as 72 hours. This is appropriate if you need a US visa right quickly and are pressed for time or have planned a last-minute trip to the US.

US Visa Online is an electronic travel authorization or travel permit that allows you to go to the United States for up to 90 days and visit these incredible locations. 

To visit the many attractions in the US, foreign travelers must first obtain a US visa online. In just a few minutes, foreign nationals can apply for a US visa. The US visa application process is fully online, automated, and straightforward.

What is the difference between an Emergency and an Urgent Visa for the United States?

You should complete the online ESTA form for each member of your family before your anticipated family vacation or travel to see relatives in the US. Everyone, even infants and young children, must have their own unique ESTA.

You merely need to provide that information in the appropriate box. Parents and legal guardians can fill out the application form on behalf of minors.

Name, residence, date of birth, passport information, and medical information are among the elements that must be carefully filled out on the form. The ESTA application for your child can be submitted after the application cost has been paid. Each family member for whom you apply will have a special reference number.

When something unexpected occurs, such as a death, a sudden illness, or an incident that requires your immediate presence in the United States, it is referred to as an emergency.

By completing an online US Visa Application Form, the US government has made it simpler for most nations to apply for an electronic US visa (eVisa) to visit the US for conferences, business, medical treatment, or tourism.

An in-person visit to the US Embassy is necessary for some Emergency visas for the United States applicants. You cannot wait a long time for your US visa to be approved if you need to travel to the US for business, pleasure, or medical reasons. To ensure that anyone needing an Emergency US Visa can obtain one in the shortest amount of time possible, our staff will work on weekends, holidays, and after hours.

It might only take 18 to 24 hours, or it might take 48. The exact date is determined by the number of such cases present at any given time of year, as well as the accessibility of experts in Emergency US Visa processing to assist foreign travellers to the US.

If you have already boarded the aircraft and have submitted your emergency application by smartphone prior to takeoff, you will almost certainly have the e-visa by the time you land. But, since the e-visa is sent via email, you will need internet access in the United States in order to get one.

Observe even in times of emergency

The likelihood of rejection is higher for applications submitted using the expedited application process. This is because those who fill out the application quickly tend to make more mistakes. Give the visa application your entire attention as you fill it out. 

Note: The validity of the visa will end immediately if your name, date of birth, or passport number is misspelt. You must apply for a fresh visa in order to enter the country (and pay again).

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What are the Urgent Emergency Visa for USA Processing Consideration Cases?

You are responsible for accurately and completely completing the application. Only US National Holidays hinder the processing of Urgent US visas. Several applications shouldn't be submitted at once because one of them can be deemed redundant.

In most embassies, you must arrive by 2 p.m. local time if you want to apply for an emergency visa there. You will be asked to submit a face photo, a passport scan copy, or a photo from your phone after you have paid. If you use our website to apply for a US visa online for urgent or fast processing, you will receive an emergency US visa by email. You can immediately take a paper copy or a PDF version to the airport. Emergency US visas are accepted at every port of entry authorised for US visas.

Ensure you have all the required documentation for the type of visa you desire before submitting your request. Please be aware that lying during the visa interview about the necessity for an emergency appointment could damage your case's credibility.

The following situations will be taken into consideration when granting an emergency eVisa to enter the United States.

Emergency Medical Treatment

To receive emergency medical treatment, or to follow a family member or employer to receive emergency medical treatment, is the reason for the trip.

Documentation necessary:

  • A letter from your doctor describing your illness and why you're travelling to the nation for treatment.
  • A letter expressing willingness to treat the condition and providing an estimate of the cost of care from a US doctor or hospital.
  • Proof of your payment plans for the therapy.

An injury or illness of a family member

A close relative (mother, father, brother, sister, child, grandparent, or grandchild) who has been critically ill or injured in the US is the reason for the trip.

Documents needed:

  • A letter from a doctor or hospital attesting to and describing the illness or damage.
  • Evidence suggesting that the injured or ill person is a close relative.

For funerals or deaths

The trip's objective is to prepare for the repatriation of the body of a close relative who passed away in the US or to attend their funeral (mother, father, brother, sister, kid, grandparent, or grandchild).

Documents needed:

  • A letter from the funeral director stating the funeral date, contact information, and specifics about the deceased.
  • More evidence that the deceased was a close relative is required.

Business purposes

Attending to a business issue that could not have been anticipated beforehand is the purpose of the trip. The majority of business travel reasons are not considered emergencies. Please give the reason why you were unable to make advance travel plans.

Documentation is necessary

a letter attesting to the significance of the planned visit, outlining the nature of the business and the potential loss if an emergency appointment cannot be made, from the relevant US company and a letter from any company in your country of residency.


Letters from both your current employer and the US organisation providing the training are acceptable forms of proof for a three-month or shorter necessary training programme in the US. Both letters should clearly outline the training and explain why the US or your present employer will suffer a significant financial loss if an emergency appointment cannot be made.

Exchange or Students students or contract employees

The purpose of the trip is to return to the US in time to start a new career or start education. We anticipate that students and temporary workers will make every effort to schedule frequent inspections during their intended stays in the country. Nonetheless, under certain conditions, the Embassy will take emergency appointments for this kind of trip into consideration.

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When does a situation become urgent enough to be eligible for the Urgent Emergency Visa for the USA to visit the United States?

Applications for citizenship, searches of citizenship records for US residents, resumes, and applications for citizenship are all expedited if the following documents show the need for urgency:

  • A request has been submitted by the minister of immigration, refugees, and citizenship's office.
  • Due to a death or serious illness in their family, the applicants are unable to obtain a passport under their current nationality (which includes the Canadian passport).
  • As a result of not being a US citizen, the applicant is granted 1095 days of physical presence in the country because they fear losing their employment or career prospects.
  • Because they lack a document verifying their US citizenship, the applicants, who are US citizens, worry that they may lose their jobs or other chances.
  • An application for citizenship that is delayed due to an administrative error might be successfully appealed to the Federal Court.
  • The applicant is in a situation where postponing their application for citizenship may hurt them (for instance, the need to renounce foreign citizenship by a certain date).
  • To receive certain benefits like a pension, a social security number, or health care, a citizenship certificate is necessary.

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What are the advantages of using the Urgent Emergency Visa for the USA to visit the United States?

The benefits of applying for an Urgent US visa through the United States Visa Online (eVisa Canada) include completely paperless processing, the removal of the need to visit a US Embassy, validity for both air and sea routes, payment in more than 133 different currencies, and application processing around-the-clock. You are not required to visit any US government offices or have your passport page stamped.

The Urgent US e-visa is provided in 1 to 3 working days once the application is correctly filled out, the required reports are submitted, and the entire application is finished. If you choose this lodging, you might have to pay more for an emergency visa. This Urgent Processing or Fast Track Visa Service is available to anyone who need visas for travel, business, medical treatment, conferences, or medical attendants.

What are the things to remember when applying for an Urgent Emergency Visa to the USA?

An Urgent US visa is more challenging to get approved for than other types of visas because it depends on an endorsement. You will be needed to give the authorities a copy of the medical clinic's letter in cases involving clinical conditions and fatalities in order to prove the condition or death. Your application for an emergency visa to the US will be rejected if you don't follow the rules.

Take full responsibility for accurately giving all contact information, including your phone number, email address, and social media handles.

The Emergency US Visa application is not processed on holidays.

It could take up to four days for the government to make a decision on a candidate's application if they have multiple real identities, damaged or expired visas, significant or expired visas that are still significant, or multiple visas. The United States government will decide on the application submitted on this official website.

What is the required documentation to apply for an Urgent Emergency Visa to the USA?

Duplicates of the previously specified records that attest to your loved one's health or death are now required. A duplicate of your passport that has been examined has two blank pages and is valid for six months. For a current, clearly visible photo of yourself with a white backdrop, please refer to the United States Visa Photo Requirements and the United States Visa Passport Requirements.

Who is eligible to apply for the Urgent Emergency Visa for the USA to visit the United States?

The following categories of candidates are qualified to submit an application for an Urgent US visa or the Emergency ESTA to the US:

  • Foreign nationals who have at least one parent who is a US citizen and who are minors.
  • American citizens who have foreign spouses.
  • Single foreigners with young children who are US passport holders.
  • Foreign-born students have at least one parent who is a US citizen.
  • Passport-holding employees who are authorized to work for foreign embassies, consulates, or accredited international organizations in the United States.
  • Foreign nationals of US ancestry who need to travel to the country owing to a personal crisis, such as a death in the immediate family or an urgent medical issue. Because of this, someone who holds or once held a US passport or whose parents are currently or previously US citizens are of US origin.
  • Foreign nationals stuck in nearby neighboring nations that need to go through the United States; foreign nationals seeking medical care in the United States (including one attendant if so requested).
  • Journalist, Business, and Employment are the other categories that are accepted. Such candidates must, however, send the necessary paperwork to obtain specific prior approval.

Note: It is encouraged that applicants postpone making travel plans until they have received the Urgent US visa. The fact that you have a ticket won't be taken into account as an emergency, costing you money.


In case you want further help in the application for US Visa, you may check out our US Visa Online Application Process section for relatable info.

What are the requirements and the process to apply for the Urgent Emergency Visa for the USA to visit the United States?

  • Complete the electronic visa application form. (Use the most recent browser version that supports a secured site.) If you require it to complete your visa application, please maintain a record of your Tracking ID. After printing your completed application, save the pdf file.
  • On the first and second pages of the application, please sign the appropriate places.
  • One recent color passport-size (2 inches by 2 inches) photo with a full-frontal face and a white background must be included on the visa application form.
  • Address proof includes a US driver's license, a landline or utility bill stating the applicant's address, and a lease agreement for a home.

In addition to the aforementioned, people of US origin seeking a visa for a medical emergency, or the death of an immediate family member must submit a previously held US passport, the most recent doctor certificate, hospital paper, or death certificate of the sick or deceased family member in the US, a copy of their own US passport, and ID proof of the patient (to establish a relationship). If the patient is a grandchild, they must also provide their patient's ID and their parents' passports to do so.

The applicant must also submit the following paperwork in the case of a minor child: a birth certificate with the names of both parents; a consent form signed by both parents; copies of both parents' US passports or the passport of one parent; a marriage certificate for the parents (if neither spouse is listed on a US passport); and copies of both parents' US passports.

The applicant for a self-administered medical visa must also provide a letter from a US physician endorsing treatment in the US and an acceptance letter from a US hospital outlining the patient's name, information, and passport number.

A note from the hospital stating that a medical attendant is required, together with the attendant's name, contact information, passport number, and the patient's relationship to the attendant. a passport photocopy for the patient.

What is some additional Urgent Emergency Visa for the USA-related information that you must know?

Please bear the following in mind while applying for the Urgent US visa - 

  • A passport or other form of identification is frequently used to issue visas.
  • At least 190 days must elapse before the passport expires.
  • According to COVID-19, the Consulate is only permitted to grant visas with a 3-month validity period starting on the day of issuance. Therefore, it is advised that applicants apply for visas closer to their journey to the United States.
  • The US Consulate General retains the ability to delay, shorten, or reject visa requests without providing a reason. Following a series of examinations and certifications, visas are granted. An application for a visa may be accepted, but that does not guarantee that it will be approved.
  • In addition to their current passport, former US passport holders must also present a Surrender Certificate or their abandoned US passport. If the applicant hasn't already done so, he or she should surrender their passport in their present place of residency if they want to stay in the country longer than the 3-month visa validity period.
  • No refunds will be given for fees already paid, even if a visa request is rejected or an application is withdrawn.
  • An applicant would be obliged to pay a specific amount as a consular surcharge on top of the statutory price.
  • There is no requirement for vaccination when visiting the US. Nonetheless, visitors entering the nation from or passing through areas where yellow fever is a problem must have a current Yellow Fever vaccination record.
  • Because passports are used to issue and attach visas, passports must be supplied along with the application.
  • If all required paperwork is present, visas on emergency grounds are typically handled at the consulate on the same day.


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What is the Urgent Emergency Visa for the USA?

The Urgent US visa or the eTA system of the United States authorises your entry into the country. Citizens of eligible nations can rapidly receive an e-Visa for the United States by filling out an online application. Obtaining an online eTA for the United States is simpler than doing so for a conventional visa because applicants do not have to go to an embassy or consulate to complete the application. 

Processing an online United States visa application could take up to 24 hours. Once it has been approved, the emergency e-Visa is sent right away to the applicant's email address.

The entire application process is conducted online. Simple online eTA application completion and payment with a credit or debit card are required of applicants. The process only needs a few minutes to be finished.

All nationalities that are eTA-eligible that fly into the US need an eTA. Some people can cross the border into the US with nothing more than their passports. Other countries must apply for a visa through an embassy or consulate since they are ineligible for the eTA.

What are the countries that are eligible for the Urgent Emergency Visa for the USA?

The following nations are eligible for the multiple-entry US ETA, which has a validity period of up to two years and allows for stays of up to 90 days per visit:








Czech Republic



















New Zealand




San Marino




South Korea





United Kingdom

Is there a Fast-Track or Emergency ESTA Application for the Urgent Emergency Visa for the USA?

Regrettably, regardless of any urgent traveler situations, there is no special fast track or emergency ESTA application process. Websites that advertise expedited or urgent ESTA services are deceiving users. Although it is recommended that candidates file for an ESTA at least 72 hours before their departure for the United States, there are frequently situations that make this problematic.

Customs and Border Protection processes each ESTA application as it is received in real-time (CBP). CBP can process an ESTA application for up to 72 hours. Nonetheless, within minutes of applying, considerably over 90% of applicants receive a response regarding their ESTA applications. 

Most visitors do not need to worry about faster ESTA application processing because ESTAs are typically issued instantaneously. This is true unless their ESTA application requires additional processing time from CBP, which could take up to 72 hours.

When an application is in this situation in the "Pending" status, neither the applicant nor the passenger can affect the process in any way by fiddling with the answers on the ESTA application form. The ESTA website processes the information by analysing the data submitted by applicants and cross-referencing the responses with data from several international databases. 

Before deciding whether the passenger is eligible to enter the country under the Visa Waiver Program, CBP will manually assess the information if the security checks turn up anything that could cause worry.

Note: Visitors who are not eligible for the Visa Waiver Program may still be able to apply for a U.S. visa. Still, the processing times vary widely because U.S. embassies around the world have very different appointment scheduling procedures and visa processing procedures.


Certain foreign nationals are allowed by United States to visit the country without having to go through the lengthy process of applying for the United States Visitor Visa. Learn more at ESTA US Visa Requirements

Check your eligibility for US Visa Online and apply for US Visa Online 72 hours in advance of your flight. British citizens, Spanish citizens, French citizens, Japanese citizens and Italian citizens can apply online for ESTA US Visa. Should you need any help or require any clarifications you should contact our helpdesk for support and guidance.