ESTA Denied: What to Do After a Mistake on Your Application

Updated on Jul 05, 2024 | Online US Visa

Looking for an effortless trip to the United States? It is feasible by Visa Waiver Program (VWP) and the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). These programs allow you to stay for up to 90 days for business meetings, tourism, and other transit pursuits. VWP has a determinate number of countries enlisted. If you are one of them, do not go with the traditional American visa application

It's the key to making your expedition memorable. But what if you receive an "ESTA denial" message? How does that happen? There can be many reasons, but how can you avoid such mistakes? Let's explore this in depth.

What to Do After a Denial

Check the Denial Reason (if available)

"Precaution is better than cure" fits on the ESTA application. Authorities will deny your application in cases of security protocol only. You must note it for future reference if a refusal reason is provided against your application. It will help you bypass assembling such blunders again when you reapply.

Identify Your Mistake (if possible)

Have you made a typographical error while entering your passport details in the ESTA application online form? Or you may have forgotten or misunderstood your previous travel disclosure. Application Analyzation reduces your chances of ESTA being denied and increases opportunities for approval. Here are some frequent errors that often occur:

  • Typing mistakes: Double-check your passport number, name spelling, birth date, country, and city selection.
  • Misconception: Read the ESTA application online form carefully. In case of any misunderstanding, you can either contact CBP or the Esta US visa helpdesk.
  • Forgotten Facts: If you need to add past travel details while filling out the form, you must provide them, whether they are brief or more detailed.

Reapplication vs. Visa Application

Reapplication for ESTA

If you make small mistakes, like typos, wrong answers to security questions, or missed travel details, you need to reapply for ESTA. Also, remember to check your ESTA status online before applying again.

Remember, if you are again filling out the form, you have to pay an application fee each time.

Visa Application

You should meet the eligibility criteria for an ESTA US visa; otherwise, you will face denial of your application. ESTA is valid for only VWP countries. If your country does not appear on the VWP list, you have to go through the full visa application process. It is different from the ESTA in terms of fee, complexity, and interview. In cases of sensitive travel processes like work employment or full-time enrollment in US institutions and emergency US visas, ESTA is denied.

Check your eligibility for Online US Visa using ESTA Eligibility Checker .

Tips for ESTA Reapplication or safe from denial

  • Time is a precious key. If you catch your mistake sooner, you can correct it without wasting so much time on authorization.
  • Read the security questions carefully, then give your answer.
  • Double-check your facts, like your passport number, etc.
  • You must have your clear passport's scanned copy. Whether you are trying to upload new passport details or edit the same info.
  • Your name's spelling must be accurate and match your passport.
  • Mention your travel purpose clearly, and it should match ESTA limits.
  • Do not follow shortcuts. Mention all the details in the full names, like country, city, etc.
  • Your passport must remain valid for the entire duration of your trip. If it expires and you are applying for ESTA, your application will be denied.
  • After submitting the form, you must keep its copy for further reference.
  • Use your own internet instead of wifi for security purposes.
  • You must review your application before making a payment. If once payment is done and your application is denied, you have to pay the application fee again when reapplying.
  • Do not sit for last-minute application filling. However, the ESTA application is approved within 30 minutes, but it is advisable to make your application before 3 days of your flight booking.
  • Take assistance from the ESTA helpline or CBP website in mid of any chaotic circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I made a mistake on my ESTA application?

There are two choices.

  • If you find a mistake before paying the application fee, fix it right away.
  • If you've already submitted the form, you need to reapply for the ESTA online.

Can I reapply for ESTA after denial?

It depends on the denial reason. If you made the wrong facts for travel purposes, then you can reply. However, there is no guarantee it will be approved.

Can I edit my ESTA application after submission?

You can change your information before proceeding to pay.

Can I make a second ESTA application?

Yes, you can submit another ESTA application, but only if your current one has expired or your circumstances have changed (e.g., passport, travel information).

Final Words

While applying for an ESTA, keep your mind calm and fill in all the details carefully. Because denial is a bad state and a frustrating obstacle. It harms your time, money, and most importantly, your peace of mind. Enjoy your US travel by following the above-mentioned things.