Must See Places in Maui, Hawaii

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Known to be the second largest island of Hawaii, the island of Maui is also called The Valley Isle. The island is loved for its pristine beaches, national parks and one of the best places to get a glimpse of Hawaiian culture. With the term Maui being associated with Hawaiin legends and folklore, Maui island is as much of a fantasy as its name!

Given its endless green valleys and numerous world famous beaches, this island located in America’s only archipelago, is one of the best and the only way to witness the tropical side of the country.

Hana Highway

World renowned for its natural beauty and landscapes stretching along towering waterfalls, Hana Highway is a 64 mile route going all the way to the town of Hana in east Maui. Given its lush forest cover, scenic ocean views and waterfalls, Hana highway is known to be one of the most beautiful drives in the world.


Located at the foot of west Maui mountains, Kapalua is a resort area nestled amidst Hawaii’s largest nature preserves with the added goodness of being surrounded by a chain of white sand beaches. The luxury resort island welcomes guests with scenic ocean views, staying true to the translation of its name as arms embracing the sea.


Formerly used as a retreat for Maui’s royalty, the miles long white sand beaches with crystal clear waters of Kaanapali beach often include it in the list of one of America’s best beaches. Kaanapali is a well developed resort area in the west of Maui, a place packed with a great beachside atmosphere and luxury resorts.


A renowned windsurfing destination and famous for its sea turtles, Hookipa beach becomes a blend of wonderful shades of blue, which probably cannot be witnessed at just any other beach. The beach is known to be a great place for water sports, beach walking and simply observing nature’s hospitality.

Haleakala National Park

Literally translating as the House of the Sun, this park is settled on a dormant volcanic shield with one of the world's largest craters. A leisurely drive up Haleakala is filled with picturesques spots at every turn with volcanic rocks and rainforests all along the way.

The park is also home to Maui’s highest peak, including other wonderful attractions like the Hosmer’s Grove, an experimental forest in Hawaii with various tree species from different parts of the world.

Iao Valley

Located in the West Maui mountains, the scenic lush green valley is specifically known for its needle shaped peak rising 1200 ft from the valley. The valley has rich cultural and historical significance for the Maui island, where the place was also a site of a major battle in the 1790’s.

The trail up the Iao needle, located near Wailuku, is best for hiking trips and nature retreats while studying various tropical flora and fauna along the way. Surrounded by dense rainforests and unique shaped peaks, this place is one of the most thrilling national parks in the country.

Black Sand Beach

Located in Waianapanapa State Park, the spectacular Black Sand Beach was created by lava flow several hundred of years ago. Known for its unique appearance, the beach is one of the best in Maui and on the plus side it is located on the gorgeous Hana Highway route, making it an easy to sight destination.


A relaxed atmosphere with some of the pristine Hawaiian beaches, Wailea is filled with upscale residences and Hawaii's most loved locations. Makena beach is also one of the largest beaches in Maui islands. This part of the island on Maui’s south shore is also home to the beautiful white sand beach of Keawakapu, with some of the island's most expensive properties located along this stretch.

Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls Wailua Falls is a 173 foot fall

Located on the island of Kuai, the falls rush down from the Wailua River. With an easily accessible drive, this scenic island attraction becomes a must see sight. Wailua Falls is also known to be the tallest one in Hawaii and has been mostly pictured on many postcards, films and television series.

Hawaiian Luau

Hawaiian Luau A Luau is a traditional Hawaiian party or feast

Mostly situated in Kaanapali, Hawaii, these tourist attractions are a great way to immerse yourself in the island's culture, cuisine and history . An oceanfront Hawian party, observe some of the best luaus on the Maui island, which are specially known for their music, dance and fire shows. And of course nobody comes back from Hawaii without seeing one of these traditional Hawaiian gatherings!

Pipiwai Trail

One of the best hikes in Maui, the trail goes through stunning waterfalls, streams, giant bamboo forests and a range of diverse scenery. Located above the Seven Sacred Pools, the route passes through several great waterfalls, with a hike through this trail being definitely one of must to do adventures in Maui.

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