Must See Places in Las Vegas, USA

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Spanish for the term The Meadows, Las Vegas is the hub for entertainment and fun of all kinds. The city hustles and bustles all day long but the nightlife of Las Vegas has a whole different vibe altogether. It is the glamour of the nightlife for which swarm to the city, not for relaxation or mere tour purpose but hard-core enjoyment.

You should visit the city during the time of the new year, Christmas and Halloween or even otherwise, the place entail the kind of madness you might never have witnessed before. Whether it is for posh dining purposes, for a good deal of gambling with the best gamblers out there, shopping for the best brands or mere entertainment, Las Vegas has got your back. The city is the most popular city in Nevada and the 26th most known city in the United States.

The fame and name across the world are primarily for being the fun zone of the planet where most youngsters have the time of their life and remember it forever. The city is also known to harbour Las Vegas Valley metropolitan area and within the circumference of the greater Mojave desert, it forms the largest known city there.

Due to tourists travelling here for city-centric fun, Las Vegas is often also known as The Resort City, keeping in mind the resort-centric services it offers to the crowd at large. If you are temporarily bored of scaling mountains and beaches and are looking for some innate metropolitan fun, you should at once head over to Las Vegas and have all kinds of fun at your disposal. Also, make sure you travel to this place with a bag full of money because good fun ain’t coming for a few dollars!

Here are a few places in Las Vegas you cannot afford to miss out on.

High Roller Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheels are something that excites people of all ages. Either one is scared to board the Ferris wheel or they are way too excited to hop on one. What would be a sinner than boarding this giant wheel in Sin City? This wheel is located at the Linq Promenade and is the star of the city. It is 550 feet high in measurement and scales a fine panoramic view of the city for the boarders, primarily a better view of its locale - The Strip.

It takes roughly 30 minutes for the wheel to complete one full rotation with about 30-40 people comfortably sitting in one cabin/chamber of the wheel. That is some good accommodation for this many people, isn’t it? To have the best experience on this wheel, it is suggested you board the wheel preferably at night when the stars are out and the city lights of the glittering city of Vegas are all ready to brace you.

When the wheel rotates slowly and you are raised against the soft-blowing towards the sky, it would be a one-time heavenly experience you will cherish for the rest of your life. The wheel remains open from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. The wheel is located at 3545 S Las Vegas Boulevard, to be precise.


As the name itself suggests, Stratosphere is quite literally situated amidst the clouds and scales the skies with a height of almost 1150 feet tall. The Stratosphere Tower is indefinitely one of the most attractive locations in Las Vegas. If you are someone who is not scared of heights and would rather scale them, then you should definitely head towards the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas for some thrill rides from the top such as the SkyJump, Big Shot and Insanity.

The reason why these names have been specifically given to the sky-diving activities is that all of them have qualities of their own and all have something different to offer from one another. However, if you are not a fan of free-falling and would rather stay back and enjoy the scenic beauty that the tower offers, you can choose to do this as well. The outdoor deck of this tower offers a great view from the insane height, making this location one of the most visited locations for its mind-numbing and thrilling activities. 

Bellagio Casino & Fountain Show

Bellagio Casino and Fountain Show Bellagio Casino & Fountain Show

Bellagio Casino and Fountain Show is a very famous and high-end, spectacular resort with several fun and exciting activities to partake in. The resort is not just an ideal vacation place to chill with the high-class crowd and maybe bump into celebrities, but the alleys have a lot more to offer for your enjoyment. Be it the well-maintained botanical gardens you wish to walk through or the Gallery of Fine Arts or the Conservatory, this place encompasses all. The resort also offers services like spa and salon, exquisite restaurants within the campus, tour travel around the campus, all of this is 24/7 available to you keeping aside the central attraction for which the resort is primarily known - the Bellagio casino.

If you notice in the picture below, the fountain is something out of the ordinary, adding indisputable charm to the whole resort vibe. This sky-towering fountain is another reason why the resort is known for its beauty. At an interval of every 15 minutes, the fountain soars towards the sky with a piece of very soothing music to accompany its dance. Tourists hop towards the fountain area just to catch a glimpse of this inexplicable fountain show. 

Hoover Dam

The site of this dam is magnificent to look at, harbouring Lake Mead which is also known as the largest water reservoir in the country. The dam is built on the Colorado River and has a steady supply of water all year round. Other than being a primary location for tourist attractions, the dam is known to serve electricity to three separate states of Nevada, Arizona and California.

If you have a thing for dams and are liking the talk of this dam, you should probably add the Grand Canyon to your list too if you happen to be on a tour in the United States. Both these iconic tourist attractions can be easily covered in a day, if not, you can assign separate days to the two. If you are up to loosen your pocket a little, you can also opt for a helicopter ride to hover over these majestic beauties and get aerial views of the locale, in fact, of the whole city. If you happen to be in Las Vegas, do not miss out on this particular spot. 

The Mob Museum

If you have watched the renowned Hollywood film Wild Wild West, you will at once remember this particular location. While the official name of the museum is the National Museum of Organised Crime and Law Enforcement, this place primarily came to the spotlight when it was shown in the film the Wild Wild West. The fame of the film brought fame to the museum. 

The museum tries to put together the story of the mob culture in the United States through its exhibits using technology, portraying different individuals, showcasing the fashion trends from time to time and even covering all the major cultural events of the time. All of these portrayals are made through video clips and the other portrayals are quite the conversation starters. If you happen to be in Las Vegas, you cannot simply afford to miss out on the excellence of this museum. It would be a bad miss. 

The museum is located at 300 Stewart Avenue, Las Vegas. It remains open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. The place is the perfect place for sightseeing too. 

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Do we really need to brief you on the Red Rock Canyon for you to visit this location almost immediately? For those who do not know, the Red Rock Canyon National Reserve is an area that is looked after by the Bureau of Land Management which is a part of the National Landscape Conservation System. It is safeguarded by the National Conservation area. You must have witnessed the Las Vegas strip which is 15 miles (24 km) west of Las Vegas in many of the Hollywood films.

The road is traversed by 3 million people roughly every year. The site is famous for the large red rock formations that occur sporadically in the area. It is also very popular hiking and rock climbing spot given the height of the walls range up to 3,000 ft (910 m). Certain trails of the area also allow for horseback riding and cycling. Certain spots are also used for camping purposes. Hikers and travellers are advised to not tread to great heights because the temperature can exceed at an alarming rate and can reach up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

All travellers are advised to carry water bottles with them and keep themselves hydrated throughout the tour. Popular hiking trails within the periphery of the region are Calico Tanks, Calico Hills, Moenkopi Loop, White Rock and the Ice Box Canyon trail. You can try these trails if you have a thing for hiking.

MGM Grand & CSI

What really attracts people to MGM Grand and CSI is what it offers in the name of CSI: The Experience. If your life lacks excitement at the moment, and you want to undertake an adventure where you want to put your detective skills to work, then you can do so by simply participating in this simulated version of the very popular TV series.

The beauty of the Grand restaurant alongside the glittering pool is the go-to chilling spot of many tourists. During the night-time, the lighting of the place glitter in beautiful patterns and creates just the kind of vibe you need to relax and go crazy at the same time. 

Paris, Las Vegas

It would be a sin to miss out on The Paris while being in Las Vegas. Who would not want to enjoy the fun of being in two cities while being in one? This model of the Eiffel Tower is located outside a resort and has the Paris Opera House to give you the exact romantic feelings of being near the real Eiffel Tower.

It also has a beautiful restaurant located in the same location just in case you are planning for a romantic getaway, such as dinner under the iconic Eiffel Tower. If you wish to have an even more thrilling experience, then you can board the lift and reach the 46th floor of this model of the Eiffel Tower and witness the city in its abundant silence. If not, the real Eiffel Tower, you will get to experience a bit of what it feels like to be on the same. If you are planning to take your partner to an ideal romantic place then this particular location is highly recommended to you.

The Neon Museum

The Neon Museum aims to restore the bygone era where neon light was a big deal and LED lights had not swept away the requirement of the city folks. The Museum is known to harbour more than 120 neon signs and art pieces which date back to the 1930s, 40s and 50s. The oldest preserved piece in their collection is the Bulova clock. It was taken from the New York World’s Fair. The museum was founded by Len Davidson and has been collecting and preserving memorabilia since the 1970s.

They also have the animated toupee that was hung in the window of Ridge Avenue’s Hair Replacement Centre for several years. For residents who have been living in the region for a long time, the place is a Pandora box of hidden nostalgia. The museum authorities are leaving no stone unturned to preserve what’s declining and make room for future storage as well. They have kept a permanent section of the art open for the public at all times and there is a new exhibit that surfaces every month.

The place is located at 1800 North American Street, unit E, Las Vegas. It remains open from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. and on weekends from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. This place is separate from all the beauties your eyes will settle upon in Las Vegas. Do not miss out on the neons!

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