Can I renew my US Visa Online or ESTA?

Updated on Jul 07, 2024 | Online US Visa

A valid ESTA cannot be extended. When your passport expires, your answers to the ESTA eligibility questions change, or if 24 months have passed since you received your most recently approved ESTA, an ESTA will expire.

When can I apply for a new ESTA (US Visa Online)?

A fresh application request for ESTA can be made at any time. Unless you are awaiting the information necessary to finish your application, there are no prerequisites for requesting a new authorization. Renewals of an existing application for an ESTA are not permitted.

Before the current ESTA expires, you can submit a new application. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) may notify you that you have 30 days left on the ESTA associated with your passport as the expiration date of your current ESTA approaches. There will also be a link where you can go if you want to request a fresh authorization.

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Will obtaining a fresh ESTA reset the number of days I am permitted to stay in the country?

No, getting a new ESTA does not reset the number of days an applicant can stay in the US. An approved ESTA can be utilized for up to 90-day stays per visit. Applicants must ensure that their passports are valid and that their ESTA is granted before crossing the border into the United States.

What happens if my ESTA expires before I leave the country?

Only at the time of entry into the United States do your ESTA and passport need to still be valid. After the expiration date, you are free to depart the nation. Only arrivals into the United States are subject to the ESTA regulations.


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Do I receive a notification regarding an active application while submitting a new ESTA application?

In these situations, CBP informs you that your passport is linked to an approved ESTA that is currently in effect. You won't need to submit a new ESTA application if both your passport and current ESTA are still valid on the day of your arrival in the United States.

What additional situations are required to obtain a new ESTA?

It will be necessary to obtain a fresh ESTA in the following circumstances:

  • You are issued a new passport.
  • You adopt a new name (either the first, last or both names)
  • You change your gender (As of right now, there is no gender X option on the ESTA application form. The passenger must make the decision based on their level of comfort. The gender you select when applying for an ESTA will not be the only factor used to deny your application.
  • You renounce your previous nationality.

You made one or more changes to the nine eligibility questions on your ESTA application that you previously answered. For instance, you can be found guilty of a depraved crime or get a contagious sickness. You could need a U.S. visa in these situations to enter the country. You must reapply for the ESTA, and the application must reflect the change in circumstances; otherwise, you risk being turned away at the border.


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