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Is US Visa for children a requirement?

Yes, all travellers to the US must have an ESTA. US Visa for children is mandatory. This applies to children of all ages. Children may submit an ESTA application on their behalf, and the ESTA will be connected to the child's passport.

There are many things to consider while organising a family trip to the US, from your flight schedule to getting travel authorization for your group. You should be aware that the US has different entry requirements than certain other nations you may have visited in the past if you are travelling there.

You must get travel authorization—which could take the form of an ESTA—before departing for the United States.

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) grants permission to enter the US for up to 90 days. It is a component of the US government's visa waiver programme. You can submit your application online in a reasonably simple process, where you must respond to a series of questions to find out if you will be given permission to enter the US.

It is crucial that you apply for an ESTA for your kids' trip when you bring them to the US. In essence, you must submit an application for children's ESTAs in the same manner as you submit one for yourself. US Visa for children is not any different and the same US Visa Application Form is valid for children as for adults. Anyone applying who is under the age of 18 must have an adult help them by answering the questionnaire's questions. Alternatively, you can submit an ESTA group application with your entire family to simplify the process.

Children cannot be listed on your passport and must have their own valid passport in order to be eligible for an ESTA. It is crucial to apply for an ESTA at least 72 hours prior to your trip when doing so individually or collectively.

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How to apply for the ESTA for children?

You should complete the online ESTA form for each member of your family before your anticipated family vacation or travel to see relatives in the US. Each individual, even infants and young children, must have their own unique ESTA.

You merely need to provide that information in the appropriate box. Parents and legal guardians are able to fill out the application form on behalf of minors.

Name, residence, date of birth, passport information, and medical information are among the elements that must be carefully filled out on the form. The ESTA application for your child can be submitted after the application cost has been paid. Each family member for whom you submit an application will have a special reference number.

Children travelling with their local guardians

When a child's family name differs from that of the person they are travelling with, supporting documentation, such as a birth certificate, is necessary to establish the child's parental status.

A letter of authorization signed by the child's parents confirming that they have given permission for them to go is required if the child is travelling with another relative. The youngster should bring any identity-related legal documents as proof that their parents or legal guardians have given them permission to travel.

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How long is the ESTA valid for?

The duration of the ESTA, whether it be for an adult or a kid, is two years, or until the connected passport expires (whichever comes sooner). Although an ESTA only allows for a 90-day stay, this does not mean that you can remain in the US for two years. However, one of the wonderful advantages of an ESTA is that you can visit the US on several occasions within that two-year validity as long as you don't remain for more than the permitted 90 days.

You would need to apply for a new ESTA that would then be electronically connected to your new passport if your passport or the passport of your child were to expire. If this happened, the related ESTA would likewise expire.

What if I need a US visa for my spouse and children?

You must fill out a US visa specific to your intended purpose of travel if you are visiting the US for a period longer than the allotted 90 days or if your journey is not for business or tourism. There are many different kinds of US visas, and some of them contain companion visas for the spouse and kids of the visa holder

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How to apply for a family US Visa?

The primary visa holder must first submit an Online Visa Application and wait for 3 days for approval. While applying for a work visa, applicants must submit supporting documentation proving things like their employment contract and job objective. If that visa is accepted, it will be feasible to apply for a dependent visa.

How to apply for a group ESTA?

Each person must apply for their own application for ESTA  or US Visa Online. You can fill out the online form for groups travelling to the US if you want to save time and process every member of the family's travel permission at once. You should be aware of this if you are requesting an ESTA for a child, as all visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.

With questions about the applicant's details and family name, the form itself shouldn't take too long to complete, it is generally completed in under five minutes. You need to answer a series of questions about your vacation itinerary, passport information, and personal information. You must answer questions about your criminal history and your health in a section labelled "Information about your health and character," as well as a question about whether you have visited Iraq, Syria, Iran, or Sudan after March 1, 2011.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Do children require a US Visa for Children or ESTA?

Indeed, all foreign nationals entering the US must have an ESTA, including minors of all ages. Children travelling to the US should have their parents or legal guardians fill out the ESTA form on their behalf in order to obtain travel authorization. The child's passport will be connected to the ESTA.

Should my 3-year-old obtain an ESTA (US Visa Online)?

Yes, your child will need their own ESTA if they are not US citizens and they are travelling to the US. To travel to the United States, children of all ages require an ESTA. The parents or guardians of a kid travelling to the US can complete the ESTA application.

How old must you be to obtain an ESTA (US Visa Online)?

You do not need to be a certain age to apply for an ESTA. Newborns, children, and teenagers must all have an ESTA in order to enter the United States; adults also need one.

Do children under 16 require an ESTA (US Visa Online)?

Indeed, in order to enter the US, travellers under the age of 16 must have an ESTA. For a youngster under the age of 16, an adult must complete the ESTA application on their behalf. The child's passport will be linked to the ESTA after it has been authorised.

Can a child visit the United States by themselves?

A child can go to the United States without their parent's approval, but the relative must get a letter from the parents confirming that they have permission for the youngster to travel. If a child travels with a person whose family name differs from their own, supporting documentation should be offered to establish the child's tie to the other person.

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If my child is born in the US, am I allowed to stay?

No, despite the fact that your child will automatically acquire US citizenship if they are born there, you would need to wait until they are 21 years old for them to be eligible to apply for a Green Card for their close family members.

Do children require passports to travel in the US?

Children do not need passports to fly within the United States, but they are required to have passports for overseas travel. So, your child will require a passport if they are coming to the US from another nation.

Are infants and preschoolers also have to submit an ESTA (US Visa Online) application?

Absolutely, all minors must have an ESTA as proof of travel authorisation in order to enter the US. This includes infants and young children whose parents or legal guardians must submit the ESTA application on their behalf.

Who is responsible for filling out an ESTA application for a minor child?

Minors must have their parents or legal guardians submit an ESTA application on their behalf. Minors need their own ESTA, which can be used for several journeys to the US while it is active and electronically connected to their passport.


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What prerequisites must a child meet in order to qualify for an ESTA travel authorization?

A child will benefit from an ESTA travel authorization if they go to the US for tourism, to see family and friends, for medical care, or for transportation. The maximum duration of stay in the US for anyone using the ESTA cannot exceed 90 days.

Why is travel authorization required for children to visit the USA, especially those who are very young?

The US government has implemented the ESTA travel authorisation system to strengthen border security and defend the country against threats like terrorism and infectious diseases, for instance. Even minors must have an ESTA so that all visitors entering the US may be tracked.


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