Online US Visa: The Emergency Visa to Visit the United States

Updated on May 05, 2024 | Online US Visa

Foreigners requiring urgent travel to the United States can obtain an Emergency US Visa (eVisa) for crisis situations. If you reside outside the US and have an urgent need to visit, such as a family member's illness, legal obligations, or a personal crisis, you are eligible to apply for this emergency e-visa.

Typically, a standard visa application takes about 3 days for processing and is emailed upon approval. However, it's advisable to apply well in advance to avoid last-minute complications. In cases where time or resources are limited, the emergency application option allows for a swift visa acquisition process.

Compared to other visa types like tourist, business, or medical visas, the Emergency US Visa requires less preparation time. It's essential to note that this visa is specifically for genuine emergencies and not for leisure purposes like tourism or visiting friends. Weekend processing is available for those facing unforeseen circumstances necessitating immediate travel to the US.

Summary of The Emergency Visa to Visit the United States

The Emergency Visa (eVisa) is a fast-track option for foreigners facing urgent situations requiring travel to the United States. It covers scenarios like medical emergencies, family member illness or death, business crises, and essential training programs.


  1. Foreigners with specific ties to the US (children of US citizens, spouses, etc.)
  2. Those facing emergencies like medical treatment, death of immediate family, stranded travelers, etc.
  3. Business travelers, journalists (with prior approval)


  1. Apply online with required documents (passport, photo, proof of emergency)
  2. Pay processing fee (standard or expedited)
  3. Receive eVisa via email within 1-3 business days (expedited: 24-72 hours)

Things to remember:

  1. Don't book travel before visa approval.
  2. Submit accurate information and avoid misleading statements.
  3. Double-check documentation requirements for your specific emergency.
  4. Consider alternative options for non-urgent travel.


  1. Faster processing compared to regular visas.
  2. No embassy visit required for online applications.
  3. Paperless process and electronic visa delivery.
  4. Valid for air and sea travel.

Key points:

  1. Not for leisure travel or tourism.
  2. Expedited processing incurs an additional fee.
  3. Applications are not processed on US national holidays.
  4. Multiple applications for the same urgency may be rejected.

To address an immediate and pressing need, individuals can apply for an Emergency Visa for the United States through Such urgent situations may include a family member's passing, personal illness, or a court obligation. An expedited processing fee is required for this emergency eVisa, which is not applicable to regular tourist, business, medical, conference, or medical attendant visas. With this service, applicants can obtain an Emergency US Visa Online (eVisa) within a timeframe ranging from 24 to 72 hours. This option is suitable for those with time constraints or those who have hastily arranged travel plans to the United States and require a visa promptly.

What sets apart an emergency eVisa from an urgent one for the United States?

An emergency arises from unforeseen events such as a death, sudden illness, or urgent situation requiring immediate presence in the United States.

The US government has streamlined the process for citizens of most countries to apply for an electronic US visa (eVisa) by completing an online application form for purposes including tourism, business, medical treatment, and conferences.

Certain Emergency Visa applications for the United States may require an in-person visit to the US Embassy. When urgent travel is necessary for tourism, business, or medical reasons, our staff ensures expedited processing, working on weekends, holidays, and after hours to provide Emergency US Visas as quickly as possible.

Processing times vary, typically ranging from 18 to 24 hours, or up to 48 hours, depending on case volume and the availability of Emergency US Visa processing professionals. A dedicated team operates around the clock to process Emergency US visas.

Submitting your emergency application via smartphone before takeoff may result in receiving the e-visa by the time you land. However, an internet connection in the United States is necessary to retrieve the e-visa, as it is transmitted via email.

It's crucial to exercise caution even in emergencies. Rushed applications are more likely to be rejected due to errors. Take the time to carefully and thoroughly complete the visa application. Misspelling your name, date of birth, or passport number can lead to immediate termination of the visa's validity, requiring you to apply for a new visa and pay the fee again for entry into the country.


What factors are taken into consideration during the processing of Emergency US eVisas?

If you require an Emergency US Visa, you may need to reach out to The US eVisa Help Desk, where internal approval from our management is necessary. Availing of this service may incur an additional fee. In circumstances such as the passing of a close relative, a visit to the US embassy might be necessary for the application of an Emergency Visa.

It is imperative to diligently complete the application form with accuracy. Processing of Emergency United States Visas is halted only during US National Holidays. Avoid submitting multiple applications simultaneously, as this may result in redundancy and potential rejection.

For those opting to apply for an emergency visa at a local US embassy, it's advisable to arrive by 2 p.m. local time in most embassies. Upon payment, you will be asked to provide a recent photograph and a scanned copy of your passport or a photo from your phone. Choosing the option of Urgent/Fast Track processing through our website, US Visa Online, will result in the issuance of an Emergency US Visa via email, allowing you to carry a PDF or hard copy to the airport immediately. All US Visa Authorized Ports of Entry accept Emergency US Visas.

Prior to submitting your request, ensure that you have all necessary documents for the desired visa type. It's crucial to refrain from making misleading statements regarding the urgency of your appointment, as it may impact the credibility of your case during the visa interview.

The following circumstances will be taken into consideration when approving Emergency eVisas to visit the United States.

Medical Emergency for USA 

The intent of the journey is to seek urgent medical care or accompany a relative or employer for urgent medical treatment.

Required documentation includes:

  • A medical letter from your physician explaining your medical condition and the necessity for treatment in the country.
  • Correspondence from a US-based physician or hospital expressing willingness to provide treatment and providing an estimate of treatment expenses.
  • Evidence demonstrating your ability to cover the cost of therapy.

Illness or injury of a family member

The purpose of the journey is to attend to a near relative (mother, father, brother, sister, child, grandparent, or grandchild) who has suffered severe illness or injury in the United States.

Required documentation includes:

  1. Verification and explanation of the illness or injury from a doctor or hospital.
  2. Evidence demonstrating the familial relationship with the affected individual.

In the event of a funeral or death

The purpose of the journey is to participate in the burial or arrange for the repatriation of the body of a close relative in the US (such as a mother, father, brother, sister, child, grandparent, or grandchild).

Documentation required:

  1. A letter from the funeral director containing contact information, details of the deceased, and the funeral date.
  2. Additionally, proof of the deceased's relationship as a close relative must be provided.


Emergency or Urgent Business Travel

The purpose of the trip is to address an unforeseen business matter. Most reasons for business travel are not considered emergencies. Please provide an explanation for why advance travel arrangements could not be made.

Documentation required:

A letter from the relevant US company and a letter from any company in your home country affirming the significance of the planned visit, outlining the nature of the business, and indicating the potential consequences if an emergency appointment is not available.


Proof of participation in a three-month or shorter essential training program in the US, including letters from both your current employer and the US organization providing the training. These letters should clearly outline the training program and justify the potential financial loss for the US or your current employer if an emergency appointment is not available.


At what point does a situation qualify as sufficiently urgent to be eligible for the Emergency eVisa to travel to the United States?

Requests for evidence of citizenship, searches of US citizens' citizenship records, resumptions, and citizenship applications are expedited in cases where the following documents indicate an urgent need:

  1. A request from the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship's office.
  2. Inability to obtain a passport in their current nationality due to the death or serious illness of a family member, including the Canadian passport.
  3. Fear of losing their job or job prospects for non-US citizen applicants under grant applicant paragraph 5(1) with 1095 days of physical presence in the US.
  4. Concerns of US citizen applicants about losing their jobs or opportunities due to the absence of a certificate proving their US citizenship.
  5. Successful appeal to the Federal Court by a citizenship applicant following a delay in application due to an administrative error.
  6. Situations where delaying the citizenship application would be detrimental, such as the need to renounce foreign citizenship by a specific date.
  7. Requirement of a citizenship certificate to access certain benefits like a pension, social security number, or healthcare.

What are the benefits of opting for the emergency eVisa to travel to the United States?

The benefits of utilizing the United States Visa Online (eVisa Canada) for an Emergency US Visa include completely paperless processing, the avoidance of visiting a US Embassy, validity for both air and sea travel, payment acceptance in over 133 currencies, and continuous application processing. There's no need for passport page stamping or visits to any US government agency.

Upon proper completion of the application with necessary documentation, the Emergency US e-visa is typically issued within 1 to 3 business days. Opting for this expedited service may entail a higher fee. Tourists, medical visitors, business travelers, conference attendees, and medical attendants can all benefit from this Urgent Processing or Fast Track Visa Service.

What are the things to keep in mind when applying for an Emergency eVisa for the US?

Considerations to bear in mind when applying for an Emergency eVisa for the US include:

Ensure all application details are accurately filled out, including contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses, and social media accounts, for potential communication needs.

Emergency US Visa applications are not processed on US National Holidays.

Avoid submitting multiple applications simultaneously, as redundant applications may be rejected.

For in-person emergency visa applications at local US embassies, arrival before 2 p.m. local time is typically required. Upon payment, be prepared to provide a facial photograph and passport scan copy or photo from your mobile device.

When applying through the US Visa Online platform for Urgent/Fast Track processing, expect to receive the Emergency US Visa via email. You can then carry either a PDF soft copy or hard copy to the airport for immediate use. All US Visa Authorized Ports of Entry accept Emergency US Visas.

Before initiating your application, ensure you possess all necessary documentation pertinent to the visa type you are applying for. Misleading statements regarding the need for an emergency appointment may adversely affect your case during the visa interview.

What is the required documentation to apply for an Emergency eVisa to the United States?

The documentation required to apply for an Emergency eVisa to the United States includes:

A scanned copy of your passport with at least two blank pages and a validity of at least six months.

A recent color photograph of yourself with a white background, adhering to the United States Visa Photo Requirements.

For certain types of emergencies, additional documentation is necessary:

a. Medical Emergency:

Letter from your doctor detailing your medical condition and the need for treatment in the United States.
Letter from a US physician or hospital confirming their willingness to treat your case and providing an estimate of treatment costs.
Evidence of how you intend to pay for the medical treatment.

b. Family Member's Illness or Injury:

Doctor's or hospital's letter verifying and explaining the illness or injury.
Evidence establishing the relationship between you and the sick or injured family member.

c. Funeral or Death:

Letter from the funeral director containing contact information, details of the deceased, and the funeral date.
Proof of the relationship between you and the deceased.

d. Business Emergency:

Letter from the appropriate firm in the US explaining the nature and importance of the scheduled visit.
Letter from a company in your country of residence supporting the urgency of the visit and potential business loss. OR
Evidence of a three-month or shorter essential training program in the US, including letters from your current employer and the US organization offering the training.

e. Other Emergencies: Provide relevant documentation depending on the nature of the emergency.

Who qualifies to apply for the Emergency eVisa to travel to the United States?

The following categories of applicants are eligible to request an Emergency eVisa to visit the United States:

Foreign nationals with minor children who have at least one parent who is a US citizen.
US citizens married to individuals of foreign nationalities.
Single foreign individuals with dependent minor children who hold US passports.
Students who are foreign nationals and have at least one parent who is a US citizen.
Official or service passport holders working for foreign diplomatic missions, consular offices, or accredited international organizations in the United States.
Foreign citizens of US descent who need to travel to the United States due to a family emergency, such as urgent medical issues or the death of immediate family members. For this purpose, a person of US origin is defined as someone who possesses a US passport or whose parents were US citizens.
Foreign citizens stranded in nearby countries who seek passage to their destination through the United States; foreign nationals traveling to the United States for medical treatment (with one accompanying attendant if requested).
Business, employment, and journalist categories are also permitted. However, individuals in these categories must obtain specific prior approval by submitting the necessary documents.

Important Note: Applicants are advised to refrain from booking tickets until they have obtained the Emergency visa. Having a travel ticket will not be considered an emergency, and applicants may risk losing money as a result.

What are the requirements and the process to apply for the Emergency eVisa to visit the United States?

  • Fill out the electronic Visa Application Form at our website. (Please use the latest version of the browser which supports a secured site). Please keep a record of your Tracking ID in case you need it to finish your visa application. Save the pdf file and print your completed application. 
  • Sign the application form in the relevant areas on the first and second pages.
  • To be put on the visa application form, one recent colour passport size (2inch x 2inch) photograph with a plain white backdrop displaying a full frontal face.
  • Address evidence - US driver's license, gas, electricity, or landline telephone bill with applicant's address, and house lease agreement

In addition to the above, persons of US origin seeking a visa for a medical emergency, or the death of an immediate family member must submit a previously held US passport; the most recent doctor certificate/hospital paper/death certificate of the sick or deceased family member in the United States; copy of US passport / ID proof of patient (to establish a relationship); if grandparents, please provide an ID of patient and parents passports to establish the relationship.

In the case of a minor child, the applicant must also submit the following documents - birth certificate with both parents' names; consent form signed by both parents; US passport copies of both parents or US passport of one parent; marriage certificate of parents (if spouse name is not mentioned on a US passport); and US passport copies of both parents.

In the event of a self-administered medical visa, the applicant must also provide a letter from a US doctor advising treatment in the United States, as well as an acceptance letter from a US hospital specifying the patient's name, details, and passport number.

In the event of a medical attendant, a letter from the hospital declaring the need for one, together with the attendant's name, information, passport number, and the patient's relationship to the attendant. a copy of the patient's passport.