The Online US Visa Eligibility Questions

Updated on Jul 07, 2024 | Online US Visa

The ESTA eligibility questions determine your ability to receive an approved authorization. Here is an overview of the nine ESTA eligibility criteria and how to understand them when filling out your Online US Visa application.

U.S. immigration authorities are particularly interested in learning whether applicants have ever been denied admission to or deported from the United States, whether applicants have previously been arrested in the United States, if the applicant has a criminal history in any country, whether the applicant has traveled outside of the United States in the last five (5) years, including that of to countries in Africa or the Middle East, and whether candidates have previously been involved in an illegal immigration scheme.

Here is an overview of the nine ESTA eligibility criteria and how to understand them when filling out your ESTA application.

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Question 1 of Eligibility - Physical or mental Disorders:

Do you have a physical or mental condition, or are you a drug abuser or addict, or do you now have any of the following disorders (infectious diseases are defined in the Public Health Service Act section 361(b)):



Tuberculosis(of the contagious type).



Yellow Fever.

Ebola, Lassa, Marburg, and Crimean-Congo Fevers (all of which are examples of viral hemorrhagic fevers).

Severe acute respiratory infections that can be transmitted to others and are likely to be fatal.

The first ESTA eligibility question concerns an applicant's medical or mental conditions. You must report if you suffer from any of the highly contagious bacterial or viral illnesses listed. Among them are cholera, diphtheria, TB, plague, smallpox, and other diseases.

You must also reveal any mental problems or a history of psychological disorders that have constituted a danger to yourself or others. If you no longer have mental health disorders that could endanger yourself, others, or their property; you are no longer deemed to have a mental disease that would make your ESTA application unsuitable.

Furthermore, if you are a drug user or addict, you must mention this on the form or you may be denied entry into the United States under section 212(a)(1)(A) of the Immigration and Nationality Act and section 8 U.S.C. 1182(a)(1)(A) of the Code of Federal Regulations.

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Question 2 of Eligibility - Criminal History:

Have you previously been prosecuted or convicted of a crime that caused significant property damage or severe harm to another individual or government authority?

Following that, you must respond to the ESTA eligibility inquiry on felony offenses. The question clearly asks if you have been found guilty of a crime, been accused of a crime, or are awaiting trial anywhere in the world, even if you have not been convicted. 

The US government wants to make certain that none of its visa applicants have been charged or convicted of any offense. As a result, you will not be eligible for an ESTA if you have been convicted or charged with a crime, or if you are awaiting trial.

Question 3 of Eligibility - Illegal Drug Use or Possession:

Have you ever broken any laws relating to the possession, use, or distribution of illegal drugs?

The third ESTA eligibility issue concerns the possession, distribution, or use of illegal drugs. You will be questioned if you have ever possessed, used, or distributed illegal narcotics in your nation. If so, you must respond "yes" to the third question.

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Question 4 of Eligibility - Destabilizing Actions:

Do you want to or have you ever wanted to engage in terrorist activities, Espionage, Sabotage, or Genocide?

This question specifies the acts that cause insecurity or damage to others or a nation. You must disclose any acts that fall into the following categories:

  • Terrorism is defined as the use of violence, threats, or fear to gain influence or a consequence from a government, individual, or other institution.
  • Espionage is the illicit data collection from governments, companies, individuals, or other entities through spying on them.
  • Sabotage is the interference with the actions of individuals, governments, companies, or other entities with the goal of advancing your own or others' personal interests.
  • Genocide is the murdering of members of a specific race, nationality, religion, political group, or other groups of people.

Question 5 of Eligibility - Falsifying History in Order to Enter the U.S.:

Have you previously committed fraud or falsified yourself or others in order to get a visa or gain entry into the United States, or to help others in doing so?

To get into the United States, you must disclose your prior history of deceit. This covers both helping others and helping yourself. Falsifying information or fabricating evidence as part of a visa or ESTA application for yourself or for others are examples of such conduct.

Question 6 of Eligibility - Employment Intentions:

Are you currently looking for work in the United States, or have you ever worked in the United States without getting prior consent from the United States government?

If you are asking for an ESTA to work in the United States, you must state this on the form. People have been using ESTA to schedule job interviews in the United States in the past. Applicants may, however, be questioned at the US border.

Depending on your circumstances, you will need to assess how the question should be appropriately answered. If you say "yes," your ESTA will most likely be refused. If you have concerned about being rejected for an ESTA, you may request an online consultation on Zoom or another video program with your possible employer.

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Question 7 of Eligibility - Previous Denials of Entry or Visas to the United States:

Have you previously been refused a U.S. visa that you applied for using your previous or current passport, or have you previously been denied admission or withdrawn your application for entry at a U.S. port of entry?

The seventh ESTA eligibility question is about previous visa rejections.

The United States government wishes to confirm that you have never been denied entrance into the nation for any reason. You must answer "yes" to this question if you are familiar with any prior visa denials. You will be requested to provide details on when and where the rejection occurred.

Question 8 on Eligibility - Overstayers:

Have you previously resided in the United States for a period of time that exceeded the admission period authorized by the United States government?

If you have ever overstayed a visa or an ESTA, you must state this information on the application form. You are an overstayer if you have ever overstayed a US visa or ESTA for even one (1) day.

If you answer "yes" to this question, your application will most likely be declined.

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Question 9 of Eligibility - Travel History: 

On or after March 1, 2011, have you traveled to or been present in Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, or Yemen?

This question was added to the ESTA application form as a result of the Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015. If you have visited Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, or Yemen, you must respond "yes" to this question. You must also provide the country, dates, and one of the twelve (12) motives for your trip. Among the causes are -

  • Traveling as a tourist (vacation): For personal vacation or a visit with family (including emergencies).
  • To be used for commercial or business objectives. Carry out official tasks as a full-time employee of a Visa Waiver Program country's government.
  • Serve in the military forces of a country participating in the Visa Waiver Program.
  • Carry out work as a journalist.
  • Participate in humanitarian aid on behalf of a humanitarian or international non-governmental organization.
  • Perform official obligations on behalf of an international or regional (multilateral or inter-governmental) organization.
  • Perform official obligations on behalf of a VWP country's sub-national government or body:
  • Attend a college or university.
  • Attend a business exchange or conference.
  • Engage in a cultural exchange trip.
  • Other reasons. 

You may be required to present proof of your claimed reasons for entering the United States at the border.

Failure to disclose such prior travel will result in the refusal of your ESTA application.

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Visa Requirements for US ESTA

You will only be eligible for the ESTA US Visa if you are a citizen of one of the countries allowed for the ESTA category in the United States. The US ESTA allows some foreign citizens to visit the country without a visa. 

To meet all ESTA US American Visa requirements, you must meet the following criteria:

• Visas are not required for nationals of the following countries: Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea (Republic of), Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania (holders of a Lithuanian biometric passport/e-passport), Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland (holders of a Polish biometric passport/e-passport), Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia

• A British national or a British national residing abroad cannot apply for a US ESTA American Visa. British foreign territories include Anguilla, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, the Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Montserrat, Pitcairn, St. Helena, and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

• Holds a British National (Overseas) passport, which the UK issues to those born, naturalized, or registered in Hong Kong and are exempt from the US ESTA.

• A British Subject or a holder of a British Subject passport with the right to reside in the United Kingdom does not meet the US ESTA American Visa requirements.

See the detailed list below. It should be noted that if your nation is not on this list, you can easily apply for a United States Visitor Visa.







Czech Republic













Korea, South








New Zealand




San Marino







United Kingdom


Applicants are cautioned not to mislead the ESTA eligibility questions on the application form. 

Many of the answers to the ESTA eligibility questions on the form are known to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) due to data sharing agreements between US government institutions and overseas parties. As a result, for ESTA candidates, honesty is the best policy. If you want to visit the United States through the VWP, check out the ESTA criteria.

French citizens, Swedish citizens, Greek citizens, and Israeli citizens can apply online for ESTA US Visa.